[Evolution] Reply prefix: don't want the localized one

Hello list,

When I hit the "reply" button, I get "Risposta: " (i'm italian) in the
subject line before the actual subject instead of the more canonical
"Re: ". Is there a way to disable the localization of the replay prefix
in the subject?

Until version 3.24 the default was the classic "Re: " prefix, but now
in 3.26 there is the localized word. It doesn't make sense, since many
mail clients don't aggregate mails correctly with a prefix different
than the default "Re: " in replies (ie. GMail, but many others too). So
 imo there should be a preference to change this behavior.

Moreover, I've already looked for this in the dconf-editor but din't
find any useful setting.

Thanks in advance.

Francesco Porro <frapox gmail com>

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