Re: [Evolution] Deleting annoying CAUTION msg's

On 2017-10-20 at 09:38 +0000, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
Our company injects a CAUTION msg in mails which are received externally(see below). If
I try to remove this msg(the yellow box), the WHOLE mail is deleted.


Hello Jocke

I'm afraid your issue is not completely clear. I will make a few guesses
based on the information you provided:

When you receive email from outside your organization, your MTA adds a
html block with text "CAUTION: This email originated from outside…" in
(if your email was sent as html, then evolution mailing list must have 
stripped it: )

When you reply to these emails, attempting to remove this yellow box at
the editor, also clears the rest of the email body.

Is that an accurate description of your problem?

I remember some editor bugs that removed "too much text", but I think
those were fixed some time ago. Which version of evolution are you
using? (Help → About)

Also, there are several ways that your MTA may be injecting such block.
Modifying email content may lead to broken contents in cases that were
not contemplated/tested by the authors of such section.

It would be useful to have the full email available.
(you may use this reply as an example, so that other people here also
have the original one that was received at your MTA)

Finally, for emails that don't require html, you can probably work
around the issue by changing the editor to text plain.

Best regards


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