[Evolution] Status of support for ms-tnef winmail.dat

Hi all,
I'm looking for support on ms-tnef files.
I receive everytime from a company - that use Microsoft Exchange :-( -
emails that has everytime the winmail.dat attachment.

Sometimes the email is only text, and I can see it with evo, but
sometimes there are some attachment.

I can't understand if the winmail contains usefull data because
Evolution is not able to show the content of this email.
Naturally, I can open it with ktnef, but it's another job.

I used kmail to see if it was ok, and with it I can read the entire
message without external jobs.

On the Web I found that ytnef can be the solution, but I installed it
and nothing changed.
Maybe there is a plugin to be enabled or installed, but I can't found
something like that on Fedora 26.

Can someone explain me the status?

Tnx to all

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