Re: [Evolution] How to edit list of applications to open attachments

On Thu, 2017-06-01 at 07:40 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

On Wed, 2017-05-31 at 17:46 -0700, W Van Snyder wrote:
gvfs-mime isn't installed in Scientific Linux release 6.9
(Carbon).  I
use KDE 4.3.4. Starting from the Application Launcher Menu, I found
Settings -> File Associations -> video -> mp4, for example, 
configured it for mplayer, and clicked "Apply".  Upon restarting
evolution, nothing was new on the list of applications that could
an mp4 attachment.
Do I need to restart KDE too?

You should not have to restart anything - but it may depend on how an
individual application is written.

In any case, it would be helpful to have a clue in the evolution
guide. The more detailed the clue, the more useful it is.

But it isn't Evolution that controls that - as it is not Internet
Explorer in Windows which controls what app handles something
downloaded.  That is determine by MIME-type to application association;
a feature provided by the underlying environment.

Take a look at xdg-mime (it should have a man page).  XDG is what lies
beneath both KDE and GNOME [in GNOME's case you'd use gvfs-mime to call

Something like - 

awilliam@beast01:~> xdg-mime query default application/pdf

gvfs-mime would still be the right app to use, even under KDE.
Evolution is a Gnome application and uses the Gnome libraries. Setting
MIME type using the KDE panel is unlikely to work for Gnome. Similarly,
under KDE one can use gnome-control-center from the Shell to get to the
Gnome settings window.


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