Re: [Evolution] Can not move mail to imap folder (exchange server)

On 2017-12-07 at 09:40 -0600, Chris Roth wrote:
Evolution 3.26.2

When I move a message from my Inbox to an imap folder I get the
following warning:

Error while Moving messages into folder XXXX.
Error moving messages: unexpected server response:

How can I diagnose this / fix it?


Hello Chris

Is the INBOX in the same imap account as the destination folder? Or are
you moving an email into a different account? If so, on which kind of
account is the INBOX?

In order to debug it, you would launch evolution with an appropriate
CAMEL_DEBUG environment value, and the analysis of the underlying
communication should allow finding what's wrong with the move. See

(Please note that the communication with the server may include
credentials, so strip any confidential data from the logs before sharing

Best regards

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