Re: [Evolution] Evolution PGP Modifications Creates " .gnupg " Hidden Directory that Prevent Users to Login into their LTSP Clients.

Mahmoud Ramadan wrote:
Hi Dears,
I'm working on configuring Evolution on ( LTSP - Linux Terminal
Server Project ) to deliver the application to the LTSP clients and
everything working properly.

But i noticed when the user modifies any of the " PGP " settings in
the " Security " tab , Evolution creates a hidden directory " .gnupg
" in the user home profile that causes the user NOT to be able to
login into the client after a client reboot unless I've to delete the
directory for the user to be able to login.

So any ideas how to solve this issue permanently will be
appreciated.I do NOT want Evolution to create the " .gnupg " hidden
directory that deny user login.

It doesn't make sense that the .gnupg folder (containing the
configuration for gnupg(1), as well as the user keyring) forbids the
user from logging in.

Maybe there's some program run on login (eg. a gpg agent) that does
nothing if there's no .gnupg folder, but turns out to be blocking the
login otherwise?

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