Re: [Evolution] Evolution Does NOT Save Username & Password !

Adam Tauno Williams schreef op di 12-01-2016 om 05:49 [-0500]:
Evolution does not, as in never, stores the password.  It relies upon
the GNOME Keyring system to cache credentials.

Is the keyring active on your desktop?

You should see the keyring deamon running:

awilliam linux-86wr:~> ps ax | grep key
  2581 ?        SLl    0:01 /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --daemonize

It is even possible you do not have the gnome-keyring package

There is also a MATE keyring, which is a fork of the GNOME one, so it
will probably work too (unless the GNOME keyring API changed).

Jan Claeys

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