Re: [Evolution] must run as root to see my account?

On Thu, 2016-12-08 at 15:33 +0000, Baker, Derek wrote:
Hi All,

I've installed (using apt) Evolution and the EWS plugin on Ubuntu 16.04.

When I start it for the first time, I'm prompted to create my account, which seems to go fine, but the 
account is not listed as one of the options in the left hand column. If I quit and start Evolution again, 
I'm prompted to create my account. Again, seems to go fine but doesn't show up in the list on the left hand 
side. If, however, I start Evolution as root (sudo evolution), it starts right up and any accounts I've 
created while trying to make them appear now show up in the left hand column.

Anyone have any idea what's going on here? I'm pretty certain the intention is not to just run as root all 
the time.

Did you run the account setup as root? Don't do that. Never run
Evolution as root. In fact it's a good idea never to run any GUI
application as root.

If that's not what you did, then check you have write permission in
your home directory and the places Evolution uses (e.g.
~/.local/share/evolution and ~/.config/evolution).


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