Re: [Evolution] Evolution Calendar not getting synced reliably

On Tue, 2015-03-10 at 09:42 +0000, Taborsky, Jiri wrote:
I am having problem with Evolution Calendar connecting to Office365 
via EWS that not all meetings are not shown. Majority of meetings 
are present, but some random meetings are not shown (they are 
visible in O365 web calendar, but not in Evolution Calendar). 
Refreshing Evolution Calendar does not help. I set "Automatically 
synchronize remote e-mail locally" option and few meetings appear in 
Calendar, but still not all of them, hence using Evolution Calendar 
is not reliable.

Not sure if this is related, but I set also options "Check for new 
messages every 1 minutes", "Check for new messages in all folders" 
and "Listen for server change notifications" for related e-mail 

you are right that some of these options influence also behavior of 
the Calendar and Address book, but not all of them.

Evolution-ews uses something like 'incremental updates', which means 
that it has stored some server-provided tag for a state at some time 
and on each refresh asks the server with that tag for 'what was 

I do not know many details about your missing meetings, but I would 
guess that the evolution-calendar-factory crashed in the middle of 
some update, while the evolution-ews has already stored the tag in the 
local cache, thus it was "thinking" that it is in that new state 
already. (Like it saved the new state tag too early, and the next 
start used it, effectively missing other changes.)

Could you try to close Evolution, (ideally also evolution-calendar-
factory process, but that's not doable under gnome-shell, which auto-
starts it) them remove
folder, thus the next start (you should restart the calendar factory 
process after the removal) evolution-ews will refresh its local cache 
from scratch and possibly download what was missing - unless it 
crashes again, which you might catch with ABRT or any similar tool.

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