Re: [Evolution] "Empty cache file" errors

I am new to the list, I have subscribed recently to address some
problems that I experience with evolution. The current problem has
raised after upgrading from Ubuntu Trusty to Utopic (that is, from evo
3.10.4 to 3.12.10 which is my current evo version): sometimes the error
message "Empty cache file" comes up.

I have found some talks about this problem on this list some time ago,
but they were not enough clear to me to understand and solve my problem.

Thank you for looking at the archives to try and find the answer.  I
presume the things you found were from January this year?  As far as I
can see that thread was never properly resolved :-(

Unfortunately, I am not able to say under which circumstances the error
appears: sometimes when a message arrives, or perhaps when I move a
message from one folder to another (but I cannot say it for sure).

When the error comes up, the error message can vary and here are some examples:

Error during the execution of the operation.
Empty cache file: /home/andrea/.cache/evolution/mail/1274249661 2157 26 

Have you had a look at one of the file locations?  Does the cache file
actually exist, and is it indeed empty?

The cache files are disposable so it might be worth clearing them out.
You should shutdown evolution and make sure nothing evolution related is
running. Then do 

rm -Rf /home/andrea/.cache/evolution/mail/1274249661 2157 26 andrea-desktop

or even just move the mail cache location to one side

mv  /home/andrea/.cache/evolution/mail /home/andrea/.cache/evolution/mail.x

The next time you use Evolution it will take longer to start up (a lot
longer if you have lots of mail) while it downloads the folder and
message lists.

Let us know if it makes a difference.


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