Re: [Evolution] WebKit editor undo problems

well, despite it may sound silly, it's not a bug in Evolution, neither
in WebKitGTK, directly. It's something with the font size, some sizes
report wrong positions and break the undo in evolution in this way. I
do not know how much it is relevant for the original Pete's issue.

In any case, while I can reproduce the above steps with system font
(size 11), going to Edit->Preferences->Mail Preferences, using "Fixed
Width Font" of size 12 makes the steps working properly.

Certainly changing the font size to 12 makes things a lot better - the
undeleted text goes back to the correct place now.  There's still a
little niggle in that if you delete the last line of quoted text, the
deleted line is not quoted when it's replaced.

I'm seeing other issues around quote levels - sometimes the quoting
arrows just disappear.  But I can't find a reproducible way of showing
it. It feels at times as if the underlying editor is using HTML and
just converting to text as it is displayed - what I mean is that
sometimes in text mode it looks as if I inadvertently delete a tag
(that I can't see) and it affects a whole section of text - like
removing the quote arrows.


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