[Evolution] Making Bogofilter work in Ubuntu 14.04, again

Specifically, Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, which uses Evolution 3.10.4, with the
special Ubuntu "no-bogo" feature.

Sorry to add yet another element to this endless discussion, but I
distinctly remember that someone described how to add a patch by hand to
Evolution under Ubuntu 14.04 to make it work with Bogofilter, but I
cannot remember who (Milan?), or the details.  All I remember was that I
applied the patch on my previous machine and it worked splendidly.

(I do vaguely remember that it involves compiling one .c file into (I
think) a .so, that provides an interface between bogofilter and
Evolution.  But, the watchword here is "vaguely".)

Moreover, if it's already out there in the cyberverse, my google-fu is
inadequate for finding it.

If someone can tell me (again!) how to do this, or point me to a web
page, I'd vastly appreciate it.  I just changed from an ancient Dell to
a brand-new computer.  Along with that change I moved to a fresh 64-bit
version of Ubuntu, which means that I lost my nifty customization.


Tim Wescott
Control & Communications systems, circuit & software design.
Phone: 503.631.7815
Cell:  503.349.8432

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