Re: [Evolution] Evolution-on?

On Wed, 2015-07-29 at 06:23 +0200, Bjørn T Johansen wrote:
But all this plugin does is to hide and show the evolution window, so 
didn't think that this would cause any problem for Evolution and 
hence that this would be a Evolution problem?

it depends on the way the plugin hides the window. Evolution listens
for window size changes and adapts the divider between the message list
and the preview panel accordingly, trying to keep the preview panel
size and changing the message list size - simply try to change the
window size manually to see the effect.

If the way the plugin hides the window also changes window's size, then
it is like the window size being changed by the user and all the
processing is involved. The other thing can be whether your Evolution
window is maximized and what size it has when it is unmaximized. If you
make the unmaximized window almost the same size as the maximized one,
then the maximize/unmaximize change will not affect the view that much.

You can also check how the window looks like when it is hidden. The
settings keys are:
   $ dconf read /org/gnome/evolution/shell/window/maximized
   $ dconf read /org/gnome/evolution/shell/window/x
   $ dconf read
   $ dconf read
   $ dconf read

This is how evolution works. You can ask the developer of the plugin
what the plugin does and whether there could be done the same with
other ways (if it influences the above values, while I believe he might
not be able to do much with the maximize/unmaximize thing).

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