Re: [Evolution] Evolution migration from Computer to Notebok

On Sat, 2015-07-11 at 19:24 +0200, rabre hispeed ch wrote:
)No-one is recommending that you run your own server, especially as
)you have no experience of this.  
and Which is the easiest to configure remote server?
Because I am interested to learn it

This is the wrong forum for discussing server configuration. There is
plenty of information out there if you want to search for it.

)File an RFE if you feel strongly about it. 
means RFE = Feature request

Yes (Request For Enhancement).

I think of the way:
Backing up is not tied to the version.
a separate backups, Notes as CSV or evn
Calendar as ICS or EVC
Contacts as MySQL or EVD = Database
Mails as pop or EPP
Mails as Imap or evi
where ev? may be proprietary or all based on a Database

I honestly don't understand what you're asking here.

I have no experience with different versions of Evolution. 
Data security is very important to me. 
)Which kind of security? Privacy? Authenticity? Reliability? 
STOP! I do not want political diskussion, I want solutions.

No one is talking politics. If you want solutions then listen to what
people are telling you and decide whether it makes sense or not. In the
end it's your choice.

Sorry my mistake, I did not like so highly explosive that is.

It's not remotely "explosive". What Pete and I are saying is the
consensus view. There's nothing controversial about it.

)I don't know what "NSA Tocher" means, though I suspect it's not
NSA National Security Agency = US subsidiary 

Well obviously I know what NSA means (!). What I don't understand is
the phrase "NSA Tocher". I'm afraid I speak no German. And the NSA is
not a "subsidiary" of anything, it's a US government agency (sometimes
called No Such Agency :-)


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