Re: [Evolution] Configuring the Toolbar

On Mon, 2015-08-17 at 12:05 -0700, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
I have just upgraded to Evolution 3.16.5 and notice that there is no 
longer a trash icon on the toolbar.  Is there any way to restore it?

I see it there too, the same as Rudolf, and there was no change in
this regard in the 3.16.5 release. I guess your icon theme is missing
it or something like that. I have the icon between the printer and the
"mark junk" buttons. Can it be that that yours is too thin to be

contains line
   <toolitem action='mail-delete'/>
which is the toolbar button for the mail deletion.

I'm not that used to KDE, but I see the button there as well. Maybe
your window is not wide enough, then the button to delete the message
is hidden under the right-side drop-down button of the toolbar?

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