Re: [Evolution] Option to select email notification for calendar reminders grayed out

Am Dienstag, den 23.09.2014, 10:23 +0200 schrieb Thomas Mittelstaedt:
Am Montag, den 22.09.2014, 15:59 -0700 schrieb AR Neal:
Hello: how do I get my Evolution calendar to send email reminders? The
email option is grayed out. Thanks!

Here is a workaround using the unix mail command part of the mailutils

1) Copy the following script to a directory which is part of your PATH
environment variable,
like <homedir>/bin. Make it executable via chmod or using your file

#### "<from_addr>" "<to_addr>" "<subj>" "<content>"
#! /bin/bash

echo "$4" | mail -s "$3"  "$2" --append="From:        $1" ~/mailspool

2) Create an evolution account with Server Type "Local Delivery" under
"Receiving mail" and choose a file in your
  home directory, like <homedir>/mailspool for Configuration.

3) Create an inbox mail filter which moves all mail whose source account
is the one from the previous step
  to the Outbox of your main account through which you send your mail.

4) Now you can create a custom alarm using "Run a program", setting the
above as the program
  and the argument list, in quotation marks, like in the comment line of
the script above.

Hope that helps,

Also found the above link to be useful:


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