Re: [Evolution] Evolution caching email -> name mappings for display purposes?

On Wed, 2014-09-17 at 11:22 +0300, Robert Munteanu wrote:

I see this behaviour with ews, but I'm not sure if it's related to it
or not. I receive emails from various systems which use their own
email adresses ( e.g. issues example com ) but set the display name 
the user which generated the action. So I can get emails like

  John Doe <issues example com> Notification email #1
  Jane Doe <issues example com> Notification email #2

I notice that sometimes evolution does not display the correct name
for such emails, for instance it would display both emails as
originating from John Doe in the list view ( happens for both From 
Sender columns ) . On the other hand, this is shown correctly for the
message pane.

Should I file a bug? Is there a workaround?

Details: evolution{,-ews} 3.12.5 with Gnome 3.12 on openSUSE 13.1 

there used to be some caching on the evolution-ews side, but it might 
be gone now - I do not see it in the code now. It would be good to see 
what the server returned. Could you find one such email, then search 
for it under ~/.cache/evolution/mail/<ews-account-uid>/ , (for example 
by message-id header, which you can see in the message source 
(Ctrl+U)), then delete it, run evolution as:
   $ EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution
and when everything settles (no new info on the console), then select 
that particular message. The evolution's console will contain what was 
received from the server.

The difference between message download and summary fields download 
can be that the server has stored something else in its own summary 
for some reason. I'm not sure whether it'll be visible in the above 
log, though.

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