[Evolution] Evolution imap operations times out ~5 minutes after startup


Using evo-3.12.4 on gentoo I can connect to my courier imap mail server
with no problems. However, after approx 10 mins of evo start up, imap
operations start timing out. For example, if I try to change to a
different folder evolution gets stuck with "scanning for changed
messages in blah blah" and it can not perform any other operations from
that moment on until I restart evolution. The same when I try to send an
email after 10 minutes of startup: Sending works but it can not copy the
message to my sent folder which is on imap server, etc...

I tried disabling IDLE mode and quick resync but did not make any
difference. I did not have the problem until 3.10 but now have it with
3.12 as well. If you give me some tips how to help debug this, I'd try
my best.


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