[Evolution] Issue with read only calendars using CalDav SSL (3.10.4)

Hi there, I've recently changed machine and moved to Evolution 3.10.4
from 3.2.3 and cannot write to CalDav calendars.

I can add the calendar fine, events appear correctly, but when trying to
create an event I get an error about the calendar being read only.

This is not the case. The exact same caldav settings work perfectly on
3.2.3, and on Lightning on the new machine. I have a hunch it is
evolution presuming it is an ical address (which are read only) since in
the configuration it is https://caldav.whatever.

On 3.2.3 the settings screen is Type: CalDAV, URL:
caldav://caldav.whatever..., Use secure connection: tick
On 3.10.4 the settings screen is Type: CalDAV, but for URL it won't let
me type "caldav://", and replaces this with "https://"; whenever I use
tick the secure connection checkbox.

All passwords, URL's are correct (since it works in Lightning and 3.2.3)
but something in the settings means CalDAV calendars are treated as read
only. Any help greatly appreciated!

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