Re: [Evolution] slow image loading

Milan Crha wrote:
On Mon, 2014-04-21 at 13:17 +1200, Ken Spagnolo wrote:
I'd appreciate any advice as to whether there is something I can do to
fix this.

hard to tell without exact backtrace of running Evolution in this state
(with debuginfo/dbg packages installed for evolution-data-server and
evolution), but I guess evolution is resolving address of the image, to
know which server to contact. It's mostly waiting for a DNS reply. I've
no idea whether you can do anything with it.

That should be easy to confirm with wireshark.

If their internal dns is so slow to answer, available solutions would
 a) Complain to system administrator
 b) Add those entries to /etc/hosts
 c) Use a different dns server

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