Re: [Evolution] occasional authentication problem

On Wed, 2014-05-07 at 01:00 -0400, Carl Schaefer wrote:
I've seen Evolution 3.12.1 occasionally lose the ability to connect to
one of my mail servers (not always the same server, btw) after having
been connected for a while.  When this happens a dialog box appears
asking me to re-enter my password.  Unfortunately the dialog box grabs
the X input, which prevents me from retrieving the password from my
password manager, so I cancel the dialog box.  

The issue of modal password boxes is discussed here every now and again
- usually in the context of Evo not remembering passwords.  But it's a
window manager issue not just Evo.  AFAIUI all Evo does is to ask the
window manager to give it the password for a certain account identifier
- that password is retrieved from a keyring store somewhere and if it's
not available, it will be prompted for.  It's not Evolution that puts up
the password box.

I didn't see any obvious matches in bugzilla, so I'm inclined to create
a new bug report...


As far as I can see the issue still exists and is being "actively
discussed", but Evolution is not the place to fix it.


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