[Evolution] Evolution reminders stopped showing up before appointment.

For last 3-4 months Evolution stopped showing up customized reminders the 
way I used to have them for 7 years. E.g. a reminder is set to be shown 
up 2 days before start of the appointment and to be repeated 6 times 
every 8 hours. 

No single reminder pops up out of all requested before the appointment. 
Instead all 6 reminders show up at the actual day of the appointment as 
soon as a system started.

I experience the same behaviour in Debian Wheezy - Evolution v. 3.4.4, in 
Ubuntu 14.04 and Xubuntu 14.04 - Evolution v. 3.10.4.

The problem is very frustrating and forces me to look for Evolution 
replacement. The last is the most hated idea, since I like Evolution and 
get used to it. Besides the nightmare of migrating of all my personal 
data to a new PIM.

I kept googling practically in vain all this time, asked on Debian list 
with a complete silence in response. 

Any idea anyone, please?

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