Re: [Evolution] Recognizing "Junk" Header from ISP

On 6/16/2014 12:54 AM, G.W. Haywood wrote:
Because the automated systems are bad at it?


I have to recover 5 or 6 messages every day from my spam trap. For some
reason a lot of sci-fi author's mailing list messages land in there.

Don't blame the automated system because you don't know how to
configure it.

I find your evaluation of my skills -- lacking. And you've gone from "the automated system" to "the automated system with manually added white listing rules" which in my opinion is a big difference.

For your information, I use the ACM email redirector with its own spam filtering, which has rather limited configuration abilities.

So, for example, I can't add a rule to whitelist messages that were sent to a particular list address or a rule to whitelist messages with a mailing list header. It can't even automatically whitelist addresses that I send to, because outgoing mail doesn't go through that server.

Your assumptions are invalid and insulting.

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