Re: [Evolution] Recognizing "Junk" Header from ISP

Hello again,

On Thu, 12 Jun 2014, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:

Not only that, Yahoo manages the server operated by my ISP, which is
ATT, so I am stuck with them.

No, you aren't stuck with them.  AFAICT our ISP (BT, formerly British
Telecom, at the moment) also uses Yahoo servers.  But we don't.  BT
provides us with mail accounts too, and we don't use them either.

They appear to be less bad than Comcast.

Not difficult.  Comcast gets binned here too. :)

I'm pleased to have a couple of replies to my posting, but still no
answers to the question: how to recognize junk on the existence of a
particular header without concern for its content.

You have an answer.  Run your own mail server, and you can do whatever
you like.  Rely on Yahoo - or practically anyone else - and you'll get
what they want you to get.

You haven't said how you're getting the mail into Evolution but you
could in theory use something like fetchmail and pipe the messages
through your own local filters if you really wanted to.  But then if
you go on holiday, and your filters are on the PC at home, well...



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