Re: [Evolution] Recognizing "Junk" Header from ISP

Hi there,

On Thu, 12 Jun 2014, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:

Yahoo, my ISP, marks messages that it thinks are junk ...

Hmmmm.  In my book, even using a Yahoo server means the mail
is probably junk, so I reject the lot.

I would like evolution to recognize such messages as junk.

The mail client isn't really the right place for this.

The right place is the mail server, which should recognize that
the mail is junk AND REJECT IT.  Putting it in some 'spam' store
on your computer is no good at all, because the message has been
accepted by the mail server and the spammer will get paid for it.
If the mail is rejected, as opposed to being accepted and binned,
the spammer hasn't done his job, which in my book is a Good Thing.

That way, the sender doesn't get the confirmation he needs that the
mail was delivered to a genuine address, and that means the address is
less valuable to the criminals.  If he knows it's a real address the
criminal can sell it for more cash than if he just made it up (which
of course a lot of them do anyway).

So you really need to ditch Yahoo and operate your own mail server.
Then you can irritate some spammers. :)



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