Re: [Evolution] "Error occurred while sending" after enabling Google 2-step authentication [with solution]

On Wed, 2014-06-04 at 13:15 +1000, Nick Jenkins wrote:
Some Background: What's happened is that I recently turned on Google
2-step authentication, after reading a horror story of someone having
their gmail password stolen (e.g. from a keylogger on an Internet
terminals), and from that lost their email, contacts, calendars, and
then experiencing bank fraud due to identity theft and reset passwords
on their banking sites, and so forth, and the whole thing sounded like a
total nightmare ... and in the ensuing discussion, the consensus
solution to avoid the same fate was to turn on 2-step authentication,
where you enter a password, plus a numeric code that's SMSed to your
phone or generated on your phone, and only with both of those things can
you log in (i.e. something you know + something you have). So similar to
many banking sites, but you can mark a browser as trusted after the
first successful login, and thereafter you only need your password, so a
bit more convenient.

You would be better off using GNOME Online Accounts (or Ubuntu Online
Accounts if you're a Unity guy) where you sign into Google once to
obtain an access token good for all Google services.

Evolution will self-configure a Google account for you and use your
access token so as to never bother you with a password prompt.

Matthew Barnes

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