Re: [Evolution] "Error occurred while sending" after enabling Google 2-step authentication [with solution]

Am Mittwoch, den 04.06.2014, 13:15 +1000 schrieb Nick Jenkins:
Hi all,


How Evo could have made this a bit easier to solve:
* Prompting for the password to be entered on encountering a "Bad
authentication response from server." when sending, or allowing it to be
re-entered by clicking a button on that dialog box, would have been
ideal. [this is the first place I looked]  Even a link to open the
relevant Sending Email configuration page could be good, especially if
combined with the entry below:
* Under Edit -> Preferences -> select account -> Edit -> Sending Email,
a way to say "forget password" would have helped. [this was the second
place I looked]

... and the first place was the "file" dropdown-menu, where (in my
version) something like "drop all passwords" is resident ?

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