Re: [Evolution] Very Annoying Behaviour of Keyboard Input

I'm using Evolution  3.2.3 with Kubuntu/Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS precise
pangolin on a i686 athlon machine with the KDE plasma desktop.

Keyboard input in fields (like subject, addresses and so on) isn't
recognized. Clicking is well recognized. The only solution is to restart

Any suggestions?

It's not something I've seen anybody mention before on this list - I
suspect though that it's something to do with using Evo under KDE.
Perhaps there has been some update to KDE that has made things worse?

But - and this is something you won't like hearing, but is nevertheless
the situation - 3.2.3 is very old, current version is 3.10.x/3.12.x, and
as such there is little to no chance of anything being done to Evo
itself to fix the problem, if it is an Evo issue.  This is inevitably a
consequence of using LTS/Enterprise/whatever versions of Linux and
ultimately it comes down to being the distro maintainers responsibility
to provide the support if they package obsolete versions of software.
(This is NOT a dig at Ubuntu, the same situation arises for
RHEL/CentOS/SL, Suse and so on.)

So, if no one else here comes up with an answer, you may like to ask on
the relevant Ubuntu forums to see if others are experiencing similar


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