Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.12 still doesn't like my VPNs

On Fri, 2014-07-18 at 08:03 -0500, Christian Dysthe wrote:

Is there anything I can do to get Evolution to deal with
these connection changes more gracefully?

unfortunately not, it just happened to me too, with git master of the 
evolution friends (before 3.13.4). My vpn connection died, thus I 
disconnected the vpnc daemon and reconnected it. Unfortunately 
evolution didn't notice the change and the upcoming requests became 
stale (changing folders, selecting new mails which were not downloaded 

To be fair, evolution-data-server depends on GNetworkMonitor from 
GLib. If it doesn't send proper notifications, then the evolution part 
cannot do much with it. I do not say the GNetworkMonitor is a problem, 
I just give a little background here.
he way to get this working better is probably by providing a patch, 
but I understand and agree that it's not always possible. :)

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