Re: [Evolution] Possible thread thrashing

On Thu, 2014-01-30 at 12:21 +0200, Robert Munteanu wrote:
At that time I noticed that evolution seems to create lots of
short-lived threads. I have two accounts configured: gmail ( imapx,
SSL on dedicated port ), and ews.

hard to tell without getting evolution version (Help->About), but for
some recent versions it's almost the same: any activity being run can
start its own thread, some activities even more than one, which might be
that what you are seeing. For example development version (current git
master, to be 3.11.5) starts threads to check whether destination hosts
are available. It does that for each configured mail account and its
subnodes (both for receiving and sending parts), which can be a nice
flood of network I/O on Evolution's start, if you have many accounts

I mean, what you see is not a bug on its own, just a kind-of design of

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