Re: [Evolution] Internal server error occurred

Ever since my work place moved their mail services off of own Exchange
servers to cloud based Office 365 I've been having problems sending,
receiving and working with email using Evolution.

Currently I'm running version 3.8.4 on Ubuntu 13.10 but this problem
has persisted for a few versions. The problems I describe apply to my
current set up using EWS but moving to IMAP did not help.

In what way did it "not help".  IMAP on Evolution is really quite solid.

I'm sorry I wasn't clear on this but I did not find IMAP to be better
but I don't remember what problems I had with it.

 I have two other accounts, IMAP, from other providers set up as well
and have no problem with them.

That sounds like it's a problem with the server then :-)

Yes, this is definitely a problem related to the server - but most
likely a combination of the server and Evolution as users who use MS
Outlook with the same server seem to experience no problems.

unfortunately the EWS debugging info isn't there - try

  $ EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution

Thanks for this tip. This seemed to give me debugging information.

When moving messages between folders, I got this error in the SOAP
response message: 

<m:MoveItemResponseMessage ResponseClass="Error">
  <m:MessageText>An internal server error occurred. Try again

Googling "ErrorInternalServerTransientError" points to problems such as
too many concurrent connections or too many queries in a given time
period, meaning that some resource quotas that are assigned to each user
in Office365 get used up.
Usually my queries work if I try again later which would normally be
illogical but could be explained by "my account having to regenarate
resource quotas".

Perhaps the EWS plugin is less efficient than MS Outlook...

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