Re: [Evolution] How to find mails which have disappered ?

On Fri, 2014-01-24 at 22:57 +0100, Renaud Granier wrote:
I was using evolution to import mails from my webmail when the
software crashed and so I lost 80 new mails.

Does someone knows how I could find those maisl ?

it depends how your POP account is configured. I suppose you have set
"Delete messages when downloaded them from the server", which may
explain the loss. If you cannot see them in Evolution's UI, with not
show filters on, then they still can be stored on the computer, in
internal evolution data. Please look at:
where are stored copies of POP messages in some cache - the right folder
will have a 'uid-cache' file inside itself and a 'cache' subfolder.
There are stored downloaded messages from the POP server, which you can
import to Evolution (File->Import->Single file...) if you preppend a
"From a b c" line to them (it's only an example, that way you make it a
regular MBOX file). Definitely modify the files on a separate copy, if
you find there any you would want to import, because, as I said, you are
still touching internal Evolution files.
        Hope it helps,

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