Re: [Evolution] Internal server error occurred

Ever since my work place moved their mail services off of own Exchange
servers to cloud based Office 365 I've been having problems sending,
receiving and working with email using Evolution.

Currently I'm running version 3.8.4 on Ubuntu 13.10 but this problem
has persisted for a few versions. The problems I describe apply to my
current set up using EWS but moving to IMAP did not help.

In what way did it "not help".  IMAP on Evolution is really quite solid.

 I have two other accounts, IMAP, from other providers set up as well
and have no problem with them.

That sounds like it's a problem with the server then :-)

The problems I am experiencing with O365 & EWS are:
1. Some random email does not appear in my inbox but is visible in the
webmail. I don't see any pattern for what email gets skipped.
2. Sending email I frequently get "Internal server error"
3. Moving email between folders I frequently get "Internal server
error" or "Failed to move message cachefile". Email sometimes gets
lost when moving between folders.

I suspect the "Internal Server Error" is a catch all for when EWS
doesn't get a response.

Have you tried running Evolution from the command line - that may give
you more detail.  Also try turning on some debugging to get more
detailed information.  Basic debugging information is here:

unfortunately the EWS debugging info isn't there - try

  $ EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution


  $ CAMEL_DEBUG=ews evolution

(can anyone more knowledgeable say what the correct debug variable is?)


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