[Evolution] Calendar does not prompt after Exchange password change

Using Evolution 3.8.5 with EWS under Gnome 3.8

Following a password change on the Windows Server (mandated by the
domain administrator), Evolution prompts for the new Mail password, but
it does not prompt for the Calendar password. The calendar on the
exchange server is silently inaccessible (ie Evolution shows existing
entries but does show any updates). Shutting down Evolution and
restarting it does not fix this, it is necessary to manually kill the
evolution-calendar-factory task in order to get the calendar working
again (and doing this does not prompt for the news domain password, it
just starts allowing calendar updates again).

I would expect that either all of the Evolution functions would start
using the new password after being prompted for the changed mail account
password or for the calendar to prompt separately for the new password.
Also that stopping and restarting Evolution would cause all the
functions to use the current password (or prompt for it).

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