Re: [Evolution] LDAP write not working in 3.10 on opensuse 13.1 (read works, no access problems)

Switching from 3.6 to 3.10 this problem occurs. In 3.10 evolution logs 
in properly and shows the contents of the database, but cannot write. In 
the older 3.6 everything was o. k. The distribution was opensuse, 
version 12.3 with evo 3.6,  and 13.1 with evolution 3.10. I have two 
linux machines - the first one was a fresh install, the second one 
upgrade - on both machines no ldap write with evo 3.10

What sort of LDAP server are you using?

However, I'm no expert on LDAP, but I suspect the answer is in the logs
on the server - that will tell you why the writes aren't being accepted.
Basically you will need to make sure that the DN you authenticate with
has the requisite permissions to alter the tables on the server.


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