Re: [Evolution] How to find a deb package for Evolution 3.10 for Mint 16

Release date of Trusty is 2014-04-17, so get the source code and build
the package yourself:

Assumed you are to lazy to learn how to build a Debian package, you
could install the package "checkinstall" and try to build a package
automagically using checkinstall instead of make install, assumed
Evolution is build with make.

FWIW on Arch Linux it's build with several additions to configure, e.g.

[rocketmouse archlinux ~]$ cat /var/abs/extra/evolution/PKGBUILD
  ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc \
      --localstatedir=/var \
      --libexecdir=/usr/lib \
      --enable-nss=yes \
      --with-openldap=yes \
      --enable-smime=yes \
      --with-krb5=/usr \

IMO Mint is a bad distro. You should ask at a Mint mailing list or a
Mint forum, if you experience issues with Mint.

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