Re: [Evolution] Sorting Emails by date

On Tue, 2013-10-15 at 08:58 +0200, Harvey Nimmo wrote:
This leads to an (unhelpful) inconsistency in the email sorting is
displayed. For instance, I have a series of mails in my inbox supposedly
displayed by date (descending), but showing dates in the following

do you group messages by thread? There is a hidden option (in
GSettings/DConf (/org/gnome/evolution/mail/thread_latest) or GConf
(/apps/evolution/mail/display/thread_latest), it depends on your
evolution version), where you can make threads sorted by the latest date
in it, thus the whole thread moves where-ever it belongs based on the
latest message date in it. Your example of sorting makes me feel you use
Group by Thread (Ctrl+T) in that folder.

P.S.: The paths in DConf/GConf can slightly differ, I do not recall
precise names off-head.

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