Re: [Evolution] Time drifting using Android - Exchange 2010 - Evolution

On Thu, 2013-05-30 at 09:17 +0100, Tom Davies wrote:
Hi :)
Yes, Milan's advice is much better.  I hadn't seen it before i posted :(  

Wrt mailing lists this one is quite strict and if you get used to this one it stands you in good stead with 
all the other projects.  Annoyingly some email clients and all handheld devices make it impossible to 
bottom post so i usually either avoid posting or delete out all the previous stuff so that no-one has any 
context.  LibreOffice and Ubuntu mailing lists are reasonably ok with top-posting so i mostly stay over at 
LibreOffice.  Also i only joined this list to learn through lurking.  It's kinda working.  

"All handheld devices" is overreaching. It's true that it's difficult to
bottom post on a Blackberry (it can be done with cutting and pasting but
it's a real pain), but on my Android phone the Gmail app even has a
button for "respond inline", which is exactly what is needed (oddly
enough the Gmail web client doesn't have this).

Some mailing lists have guidelines on posting styles. The Evo list is
not one of them so in that sense it's not at all "strict" as you say.
That said, most people here are comfortable with widely-accepted
practice on Internet lists, i.e. no HTML, no replies to digests, don't
hijack threads, and trim the quoted material to what's relevant when
replying (don't just delete it all), with your contributions inserted
after the part you're commenting on, i.e. inline posting.


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