Re: [Evolution] Problem with Evolution 3.4.3

I've installed a very nice distro of Linux called Zorin Linux -- very
pretty, reasonably fast, etc.

Evolution behaves rather strangely under Zorin 6.2.  The most
distracting is the way it displays the message list in the Mail part of
Evolution.  Each message header, etc., displays in a HUGE area -- looks
like it's triple-spaced.  The font size is correct, but below each
message header looks like two blank lines.

Has anyone else experienced this funny behavior?  For the record, when I
go to preferences, the icons at the left are also HUGE.  

I've looked through Preferences and can't find any way to fix this.

It's the "very pretty" bit that is possibly the issue - i.e. it's a
theming problem.  Try changing the theme and see if it makes a

It's almost certainly not an evolution issue, so you will probably need
to ask on the distro mailing lists etc.


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