Re: [Evolution] Creating task lists from Planner

On Mon, 2013-12-09 at 13:46 +0100, Tino Bog wrote:
I would like to show tasks of a planner project in evolution. How can
I make that work. I failed to find documentation for the feature.

Planner would need to -
  (a) export tasks to Evolution [one assumes via D-Bus to EDS]
   - or - 
  (b) create tasks in Evolution [use EDS]
   - or - 
  (c) have a backend loaded into Evolution to access the Planner data

I'd guess that it uses option (b) based on

But I don't know anything about this.  The Planner community would be a
more specific place to ask.  They have a mailing list @
<> and an IRC channel
#planner on (GIMPnet).

Note that Evolution backends have [AFAIK] changed somewhat in recent
releases, so very old plugs probably do not work unless someone is
maintaining them - there is not much traffic on the Planner lists, which
*may* not be a good sign [that is not necessarily a good measure of a
project's vitality].

Planner is an interesting application - I personally have not used it.
But if you find anything elsewhere please report back here.
Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org>

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