[Evolution] Need a hand please...

I just upgraded from squeeze to wheezy...  I am now running Evolution
3.4.4.  While under squeeze, I was able to setup, operate and sync my
Google calendar...  

After the upgrade to Evolution 3.4.4, and testing wheezy, I can't make
it work!  Is it me or is there an issue with sync and Evolution 3.4.4? 

I have tried multi times, looked over the list trying to see if this is
common, and I am still stumped.  It seems, either I missed it, or it is
not common, or I am not understanding the fix because I am still a bit
new to Linux...  Escaped from Windows about a year ago...

Can someone offer a suggestion on a location which might cover how to
set up Google Calender under 3.4.4?

It is important enough to me, that I may come from my backup of old
Debian, but I want to be sure it is not me prior to downgrading back...

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