Re: [Evolution] Evoltion Backup Corrupted

El día Sunday, October 28, 2012 a las 09:35:32AM -0400, Nayyar Butt escribió:

I migrated from OpenSuse to Mint Linux. Before migrating, I made a
backup for Evolution. When I restored the backup, some of my config
parameters were restored but none of the mail folders were restored. A
few emails that were in inbox have error messages. I still have the gz
backup file. How do I get my email from the backup archive to the right
place in the new system. I am just a linux user, not an expert.

You should say what the version of Evo is on the two systems and if they
are differ, please check in the Evo FAQ and docs how the migration
should be done. And what kind of backup do you have exactly?

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