Re: [Evolution] Evo calendar entries not updating

Run Evo from the command line to see if any errors are reported.  You
might also like to try turning debug variables on to get more info.

If this is a local calendar, then running e-calendar-factory from the
command line may give you some clues.  (make sure to kill both Evo and
e-calendar-factory before doing this though.)

But re this thread: I'm still getting the problem of appointment edits
not being saved, now with Fedora 17 and Evo 3.4.4. It seems to happen
when I restart the computer. If I go in and kill
evolution-calendar-factory, the appointment update works OK. But
apparently evolution-calendar-factory is not shutting down when
evolution shuts down.

That is correct behaviour - Evolution itself is not the only application
to use e-calendar-factory, it is also how the Gnome calendar applet gets
its entries, consequently Evolution doesn't kill it when exiting.

Have you tried the other suggestions I gave - i.e. run Evo from the
command line to see if there are any problems showing up there,
particularly with debugging variables turned on.  Also doing the same
for e-calendar-factory.

The fact that you get very similar problems in two very different
versions of Evo, and that no one else sees problems like this, suggests
there is some problem with your setup rather than with Evo itself.


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