Re: [Evolution] bug re Message menu item

On Mon, 2012-10-15 at 09:41 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
On Thu, 2012-10-11 at 19:45 -0400, Carpetnailz wrote:
When I click on the "Message" menu item in Evo (3.4.4 on Fedora 17),
instead of opening the menu, it opens a new message. The only way I can
get the Message menu dropdown to open is to remember to click-and-hold
the mouse button down until it opens. This seems contrary to how menu
items always work, in my experience.

Before this thread drags on much further, it's worth pointing out that
Evolution uses stock GTK+ menu widgets in its main menu.  Evolution does
not control the placement of the pop-up menu, nor the way it responds to
clicks.  That's all handled by GTK+.

The fact that you're getting a new composer window when clicking on the
Message menu is likely related to the fact that "Compose New Message" is
the first item in that menu, and GTK+ may be positioning the pop-up menu
over top of the main menu due to screen size constraints (it is a large
menu, after all).  That would mean the "Compose New Message" item is
directly underneath where you just clicked to open the Message menu.

GTK+ recently switched from the XInput framework to XInput2, and there
were some bumps along the way.  To me, the behavior you describe sounds
like another bump.

I would advise waiting for Fedora 18 and re-testing, and if the problem
is still present then file a bug against GTK+.

Matthew Barnes

That sounds plausible. It's not a problem I can't live with, after all. Let's wait and see.

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