Re: [Evolution] No more access to Mapi address book in Evolution 3.4.4

Thanks a lot Paul,

The bug number is 685882.



2012/10/10 Paul Menzel <paulepanter users sourceforge net>:
Dear Patrice,

Am Mittwoch, den 10.10.2012, 14:20 +0200 schrieb Patrice B:

 I'v been using evolution 3.0.3 with mappi plug-in for quite a long
time now and I have had no problem with access to exchange address
book until I switched to 3.4.4 (Fedora 17) release.

I have no more mail address completion, and I'm not able to do any
mail address research in contact window.

Is there something more to configure ? What info should I provide ?

please start Evolution with

        $ MAPI_DEBUG=1 evolution

as documented on the page »A Quick Guide to Evolution Bug Hunting« [1].

The developers prefer that you report bugs to the bug tracker though.
Please make sure to reply to this message with the bug number your
ticket got assigned from Bugzilla.




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