[Evolution] Defaults for opening attached pdf-files and attaching files?


I'm running Debian testing/Wheezy with evolution 3.4.3-1 and have
experienced two annoying things with evo lately:

1) When opening an attached pdf file, inkscape comes up as the first
alternative foe Open With. What is controlling this strange behaviour?
The complete list is in order:
Save As
Send To...
Open With Inkscape??
Open With Document Viewer
Open With xpdf
Open With Adobe Reader
Open With gimp??
Open With gv??
Open With ImageMagick??
Open with other application...

2) When attaching a file to a mail, Recently Used files comes up as the
first alternative in the pop-up window. When choosing a file from the
file system and adding another another file to attach, normally from the
same directory as the previous one, Recently Used comes up again!
Extremely annoying. How to change this, and get rid of the Recently Used
as first alternative?

Thanks in advance!

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