Re: [Evolution] A couldn't recover my old folders after a backup/restore operation

Hey Pete! Your solution worked perfectly well. Since the information was
already unpacked I just have to point to the right directory and my messages
were readable again.

But you said it was in .local/... which is not a good place to have the
mbox files - that's why I said to unpack them somewhere else.

Also, did you copy the mail you wanted out of the newly created
'account' into somewhere more sensible?  I would strongly advise you to
do this and not leave the temporary account lying around.  This is
particularly important if you did indeed point the mbox folder at
~/.local/share/evolution/mail/local since that is located within
Evolution's *private* directories and there is no guarantee as to
whether that will survive future upgrades and reorganisations.  It's
also important to copy the files out of the mbox folders since those
folders won't be backed up, so they will be lost if you have to use the
Evolution backup/restore procedure.


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