Re: [Evolution] Slow closing Evolution...?

Evolution 3.2.3, Gnome 3, FC 16
It's no major issue, but Evo tends to take an age to close down.

I've seen this.  It happens once in a while, without much consistency.
Evolution 'grays out' after I hit close and just sits there, and sits
there, and sits there....

I've seen it infrequently too, on Evo 3.2.2. I don't know how to
reproduce it.

When sitting there stalled it really doesn't appear to be doing

Yeah, I observe not much network traffic or CPU load or disk activity.
It just sits there, greyed out. I leave it alone and go do other stuff.
It seems to usually close itself after around 5 minutes. But I notice
I've subtly reordered my end-of-day workflow because of it. I used to
close Evo last, but now I close Evo first, just in case it does this.

While I have a bit of mail in "Local Computer" almost all my mailboxes
are via IMAP [why would anyone use anything else?!].

Ditto. 4 GB of local mail + 3 IMAP+ mailboxes. I don't think I have any
virtual folders. All local tasks, all local memos, one webcal calendar +
one Google calendar + 2 local calendars, 12 local address books + one
Google address book.

My gut suspicion is it feels like something to do with waiting on a
network response that's not coming, involving either IMAP+ mailboxes or
remote calendars, and it only ends when something somewhere times out.

-- All the best,

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