Re: [Evolution] Exchange MAPI port

On Tue, 2012-03-06 at 11:03 -0800, Luis C wrote:
I'm having trouble to connect with Exchange MAPI. My exchange server is
running on port 443, but there's no port option on the wizard.
I've tried to set EXCHANGEMAPI_DEBUG=1 before running evolution and i
realized that it is trying to connect on port 135, as follows:

Failed to connect host (A.B.C.D) on port 135 - NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED
Failed to connect host (A.B.C.D) ( on port 135 -

I've tried to connect using, but still not work.

How can i change the connection port?

the port 135 is a standard RPC port, among few other which are opened
after this one, and it is not supported to change it. You can try to
check "Use secure connection", whether it'll help (note, such change
requires rerun of evolution), though the port 443 sounds like your
server allows only RPC-over-HTTP, also known as "Outlook anywhere",
which is not supported by samba4 as of today [1].


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