Re: [Evolution] bad page layout when printing from Evolution

You need to say what version of Evo you are using to get any sort of
proper help here (note, that's Evolution version NOT your Linux

[But I do note that you sent your email using Evo 2.28,3 - that is a v
old version and is no longer maintained - some people here may remember
problems or solutions with it, but there will be no updates or bug fixes
for that version.]

I have tried everything that I can find to get email printing to fit
onto the page
within reasonable margins.

** pages are always chopped off at the top and bottom
** pages truncate long lines on the right edge

I've tried all sorts of Page Setup settings in Evolution.
I've tried to use all sorts of values for scaling in printer
Nothing seems to have much effect on what makes it to paper.

Evo just uses the Gnome printing system, so as far as I know there's not
much control of printing within Evolution.  But, it sounds as though
your printer isn't setup correctly on your system (i.e. not within
Evolution, but within your Linux setup).  If you do "Print Preview" does
it look OK?  Do other Gnome applications print OK?  From the printer
setup application, does a test page print OK?

I have this problem on several editions of Evolution scattered over
several workstation
running various Ubuntu or Mint distros.

Is it the same printer?  Are the printers setup on all the machines in
the same way with the same drivers?


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